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Updated: Feb 15

hi vis work jacket
Work Gear

There are various benefits of High-visibility workwear for construction workers. Some of those benefits are listed below.


Construction work is not as easy as the rest of the professions. It involves a lot of risks for the employees as the rate of fatalities and injuries for construction workers is much higher than in any other profession.

Given that there is a great deal of construction matter suspended in the air as the constructions occur, it becomes harder to see around at times. The high-vis workwear also comes in handy when the workers are working at night or evening shifts where the visibility is naturally low.

Easier to recognize

When it comes to construction work, there are many incidents in which the workers have to work with pits, heights, and shafts. As the total number of incidents caused in the line of construction consists of a fair share of people falling into pits due to oversight; the High-vis enables the rescue team to easily spot the ones in distress.

Weather-related conditions

We discussed that the construction matter suspended in the air could be a problem when it comes to visibility around a construction site but other factors might play a role as well. Consider thunderstorms and heavy rains in some areas as well as a sandstorm in another area. Construction work through these conditions becomes very tiresome specially if one can't see all the workers that work on a site. The high-vis clothing enables the construction crew to see each other through extreme weather conditions which make their work easier.

Rescue operations

When it comes to construction, there can be several hazardous situations that one might find themselves in. Among other mishaps, there is always a chance of an accidental fire, or accident by falling into a pit or water overflow on the site. In such cases, the rescue team can always find workers due to the high-vis clothes they are wearing.

ANSI Approved

The most important thing about high-vis clothing is that it is ANSI-approved. The ANSI refers to the American national standards Institute and it approves high-vis workwear.

The High-vis workwear is divided into three classes mentioned below:

Class 1

This class is suitable for construction workers associated with the traffic industry. This included the roadside workers, warehouse workers, and the workers that work in the parking niche.

Class 2

This class is suitable for construction workers associated with workers related to but not limited to sanitation, the crew that is the situation on airports relating to air-traffic control, and school crossing guards.

Class 3

This class is the most efficient and carefully designed as this workwear is worn mostly with the constructors of the highest risk. The list of these workers may include rescue operatives, road construction crew, and workers associated with surveying different lands.

The ANSI ensures that the high-vis clothing is designed specifically according to the needs of the workers. The uniforms and cloth wear are custom-made to the needs of the workers and the environment they work in so that the construction business can become safer for its employees.

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