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HI-VIZ BIZ Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is Essential

Updated: Feb 15

hi vis workwear

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us many tough life lessons. Apart from all the trauma, it brought to light some other things as well, mainly safety and hygiene. Safety and hygiene are two by-words to safeguard oneself and the community. Personal Protective Equipment, or more popularly, PPEs became the most essential of clothes to wear in every sphere of life- used extensively in hospitals, homes, schools, and the workplace. This form of apparel stands out as the most important thing you need to keep yourself safe. HI-VIZ BIZ supplies you with the best PPE gear available right now. Here’s how-

Cost Effective with A grade Quality

HI-VIZ BIZ was founded by Karen and Frank Houston and is now a highly recognized PPE factory. It is the number one PPE factory in Perth. We cater to people who need cheap work wear. We have everything for every budget. No one can afford to pay exorbitant prices these days. We have new and second-hand Personal Protective kits. We have every item you need to comply with your company’s safety requirements. It's a perfect buy for people who want cheap work wear, but don't want to compromise on the standard. HI-VIZ’s mission is to supply affordable PPE kits with first-class quality. We believe that safety always comes first. When you wear HI VIZ BIZ PPE kits, you know you are secure in your workplace. We supply recycled clothing too. Therefore, the cost is very significantly lowered when buying our products.


The demand for PPE equipment has risen greatly due to Covid-19. Workplaces now require employees to wear clothes, that are compliant with Covid-19 rules. Greater usage means greater disposal. The world has become aware of how it is harming the environment. People are taking more and more steps to keep it safe. When PPE kits are thrown out, they are a possible threat to the environment, because of the material used in their production. In light of this, at HI VIZ BIZ, Perth, we recycle the PPE kits. They don't end up in dustbins. They are made from reused material and don't harm the environment. So, our clothes are eco-friendly and pocket friendly.

Huge Variety and other Perks

HI-VIZ BIZ specializes in PPE kits, we have a large selection of clothes in new and used varieties. Shirts, pants, jackets, coveralls, gloves, boots, and much more are readily obtainable. Most standard sizes are always in supply. Kits can be tailor-made to your specifics. We cater to large orders too. All your wardrobe needs are accessible at our warehouse. Our team stitches reflective tape over any existing company logos. You can then embroider your own name or brand on the label.

HI-VIZ BIZ’s second-hand clothes are up to 70 % off the normal retail price. That's definitely a bargain!

HI-VIZ BIZ is the recommended option for those who want cheap PPE work wear, without the standard being compromised. Be it new or recycled workwear. HI-VIZ BIZ provides its clients with first-class PPE equipment every time. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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