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The importance of wearing PPE during construction work

PPE Construction work

The construction industry has reported having high numbers of accidents that occur at sights almost every year most of which can be if there is a good use of Personal Protective Equipment.

The reasoning behind using PPE

PPE, commonly known as Personal Protective equipment, is made for the use of individuals to protect them from any possible physical harm or resulting dangers at a construction site. The reason why PPE is so vital is that it is essentially used as precautionary measures in manufacturing and mining industries that could be very risky to human lives. It is understandable how your job could demand so much of your strength but your life should never feel at stake at a construction site.

A lot of these factors can affect your sin, a respiratory system such as your lungs, and even your eyes, the most sensitive part of your body.

Alongside having decided on whether to use it, it is important to be aware of how the safety equipment provided for the users for their job should meet the guidelines of the Personal Protective equipment regulation and must be of the right size, fit, and height of the user. PPE can include equipment and clothing such as goggles, work shirts, work pants, safety HIVIZ jackets, etc.

Following described are the 4 reasons why it is essential to use PPE when you’re at a construction site:

1. It keeps you from being liable for your injuries

It is so usual for the lawyers of the workers to deal with hindrances daily when workers deny wearing PPE even when it has been provided to them by their employer for safety. This makes the likeliness of hazards even more at a construction site. Even though it is not always the case but when workers use PPE for protection on the job, any injury or illness you may face, your employer will absorb full liability for it. As a worker, you should never deny wearing safety equipment even if the work requires very little of your time.

The worst possible case is when in court, you are found to be partly responsible for the injury you faced due to not pursuing wearing the PPE. Therefore, it is highly necessary as a worker to be aware of all kinds of equipment needed for particular tasks and what is it used for. If you are having trouble knowing, never feel afraid to reach out to your manager or someone from the HR department to provide you with relevant information.

2. Long-term conditions may result from a failure to protect yourself

Even if you feel satisfied after a long day of work does not pass for the fact that you have been responsible enough for your body. At the workplace, you will be exposed to various chemicals and their compounds which can have serious and long-lasting effects on your health and body. A major example includes mesothelioma. It was reported that in 2017, about 3000 Americans were diagnosed with this very rare form of cancer every year.

Moreover, between 70 to 80% of these cases were a result of individuals being exposed to asbestos fibers resulting from the construction of materials from various industries. Health researchers who know about asbestos instruct workers and have put out safety rules and regulations to encourage workers to wear PPE and make sure to shower or change before leaving their workplace. Before the modern safety regulations were put out, there was no possible link between exposure to asbestos and the diagnosis of cancer.

The reason why there was an outburst of so many mesothelioma cases previously was that we weren’t as aware of it as we are today. Therefore, employers should feel lucky enough and take advantage of how there is so much medical knowledge existing in the world today that we can make use of to protect ourselves and our well-being from any possible damage, presently or in the future.

3. You only have one pair of eyes

One of the most common and important practices of safety is when PPE clothing nearby provides safety glasses or goggles. That is because any corrosive or non-corrosive substances in the workplace as materials can excessively damage your eyes coming in contact with them, eyes being one of the most sensitive parts of your entire body. It is estimated that around 2.4 million eye injuries have occurred every year in the USA, at work or whilst doing other activities. Out of these cases, about 50,000 people lost their vision to some extent.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) stated that all of these extreme cases could have been easily prevented if workers had opted for safety eyewear. Moreover, it is estimated that 61% of eye injuries have resulted due to the processes of manufacturing, construction, and various trade jobs. It is also very important to keep in mind that there are different PPE eye equipment for different kinds of work. Always feel free as an employee to inquire about upgrading eyewear.

4. It increases the quality of your workday

The only thing that will make you as a worker, accept wearing cheap PPE workwear at the workplace is the realization of how it is the only support system for the work your job requires you to put the effort in. Work like this demands more of your strength and effort and is more dangerous than an office job and that is why safety equipment is made available to you so you can feel like your health is important and that by using PPE, your life is at minimal risk.

Equipment provided by the PPE factory near me such as weight belts provide stability for duties that demand a worker to heavy lift. The only reason a worker may end up at work with heavily strained muscles the next day is that they have not used a weight belt the previous day. These are very basic measures that need to be enforced and implemented so that you can keep yourself safe from falling and getting injured.

It is highly important for the workers to feel like they can reach out to their manager etc. to inquire about the effectiveness and use of the PPE and second-hand workwear they are provided with so they are educated in terms of what they are using and why.

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