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Updated: Feb 15

Workers working on site should wear high-visibility clothing to reduce the risk of dangerous incidents that could take place while working. It is for workers that handle construction, maintenance, utility, emergency or incident responders, and volunteers. The high-visibility clothing is especially required while working on highway maintenance jobs, construction areas, etc. because these are common areas where you could be exposed to vehicle traffic, and construction equipment.

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Alongside all these workers, airport workers, warehouse workers, linesmen, and workers from other various relevant industries also opt for high-visibility clothing as these are areas where there is sufficient moving equipment, therefore, a high risk of injury is likely. It is not important only if the work you do is not performed on roads etc. only in areas where there is a high possibility of accidents.

When to replace HI-VIS clothing

It might look like you are too invested in your work by how battered your clothing looks but it is important to know that hi-vis clothing has a service life too. It is not worth it if your hi-vis apparel is damaged and looks hideous. Dirt, damage, wear, and tear cannot be avoided in a workplace like a construction site or public roadways, however, it is important to realize changing and replacing your hi-vis clothing is an essential part of the job to stay safe. It depends on each clothing when it requires replacing considering how much it has been used on site.

The care you show towards your hi-vis apparel matters a lot. Whether it is being worn out in the sun, exposed to a lot of substances, dirt, heat, flames, etc., the clothing should be replaced as soon as it starts to look torn, extremely soiled, faded in certain places, burnt or just damaged in general. Once a worker decides to replace their used hi-vis garment, they should cut or rip it in half so that no one else in the workplace wears it and knows it has gone to waste.

Why replace HI-VIS clothing

· The worker needs to be distinguished in the workplace environment for example, on construction sites and public roadways. If the HI-VIS clothing is faded, torn apart, or burnt. It will be hard to differentiate workers in the workplace.

· Wearing no HI-Vis garment is way better than wearing an old and used-up, worn-out garment. Almost looks as if there has been too much trouble at the workplace.

· Wearing a new HI-VIS garment is bright, and reflective; makes sure you and your crew are distinguished, organized, seen, and safe at the workplace

It is so important to make sure, you as a disciplined and focused worker know when to replace your HI-VIS clothing. Replacing and changing when required portrays how eager you are to be safe and keep others safe by making them aware at the workplace. A well-worn vest that is vibrant and new is what makes you seem. If you are not seen, you are simply not safe.

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