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HI VIZ BIZ Workwear

It costs YOU and the EARTH less.

Hi Viz Biz is Perth's #1 PPE clothing factory outlet specializing in

new & recycled Hi Viz Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The cost of our second-hand workwear is SIGNIFICANTLY lower compared to purchasing new workwear.

Hi Viz seconds are up to 70% OFF the normal retail price! 

Our Hi Viz clothing is GUARANTEED to be in excellent condition

as the work wear is often near new. 


Bargain Deals All The Time

Looking for a BARGAIN on Hi Viz PPE clothing for work?

Don't want to pay those exorbitant prices of new clothing?

Whatever your budget, you can find everything you need to comply with your company's cheap Hi Vis workwear and PPE requirements at Hi Viz Biz.

We can also arrange embroidered logos and names. $60 setup fee + basic logo $6 per item. Only on a minimum of 10 items.


What We Offer

  • Logo & name embroidery

  • Recycled, Eco-friendly PPE clothing

  • Dedicated customer service

  • ​Huge variety of PPE:    




      AND MORE


Our purpose...

Hi Viz Biz was founded in 2018 by Karen and Frank Houston and has since made its way to becoming a highly recognized PPE Factory Outlet in Perth. Our mission is simple, provide our clients high quality Hi Viz at low cost to YOU and the EARTH. With our huge range of new and recycled PPE clothing options, you’ll want to visit our warehouse as our stock is continually turning over. We’re highly committed to customer satisfaction and go out of our way to make sure you walk out happy.



We source from various channels including companies whose employees have exited the business and companies

that have ceased operations.

Hi Viz workwear team stitches reflective tape over any existing company logos, providing a quality product that can be embroidered with your own brand and/or name.​


Visit our warehouse and our friendly staff will fit you out with your new Hi Viz wardrobe. We also supply large orders.

How Hi Viz Biz Clothing Works?
  • Who can buy Hi Viz workwear from you?
    Hi Viz sells PPE clothing to retailers and wholesalers. We have new and second-hand PPE clothes, perfect for work wear. A recommended option for those who want cheap PPE workwear without compromising on the quality. Our collection includes shirts, jackets, gloves, coveralls, & more for industry employees.
  • How is your Hi Viz clothing eco-friendly?
    With Covid-19, PPE clothing demand has risen. When these PPE kits are disposed of they can pose a threat to the environment because of the material they are made of. So, we recycle the PPE kits at Hi Viz Biz, Perth. That's how PPE clothes don't end up in dustbins. Our clothes are not only eco-friendly but pocket friendly too.
  • Do you outsource?
    No. We supply Hi Viz clothing from our warehouse located on 3/11, Kalmia Road, Bibra Lake, Perth. We are available: Monday-Thursday 9 am-3 pm, Saturday 11 am-12 pm. Available on-call for scheduling appointments on Sundays.
  • What sizes do you have in PPE kits?
    Our PPE kits come in almost all standard sizes. In case, you are looking for a specific size, call us and we will get it tailor-made for you.


Mon - Thur: 9am - 3pm

Fri: 9am - 12pm

Sat: 11am - 12pm

Sun/Out Of Hours:  Available, call for appointment

Karen: 0438 060 010
Frank: 0458 088 000


3/11 Kalmia road Bibra Lake
Perth, Western Australia 6163

Frank: 0458 088 000

Karen: 0438 060 010

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