Hi Viz Biz work jackets come in a wide array of styles and colors. We provide new and recycled jackets for industries that require maximum safety for their employees.

Visit our warehouse in Perth and discover our collection that fits your business needs.

Workit Rain Jacket logo covered.jpg

Workit Rain Jacket (Logo Covered)

our price 50-70% OFF RRP

Tuffwear Cotton Jacket logo covered.jpg

Tuffwear Cotton Jacket (Logo Covered)

our price 50-70% OFF RRP

Masters Windcheater hiviz logo covered.j

Masters Windcheater Jacket (Logo Covered)

our price 50-70% OFF RRP

DNC Rain Jkt logo covered.jpg

DNC Rain Jacket (Logo Covered)

our price 50-70% OFF RRP

New Bisley Rain Jkt Hiviz logo covered.j

New Bisley Rain (New) (Logo Covered)

our price 50-70% OFF RRP

Huski Wet Jacket logo covered.jpg

Huski Wet Jacket (Logo Covered)

our price 50-70% OFF RRP

Bisley Rain Jacket logo covered.jpg

Bisley Rain Jacket (Logo Covered)

our price 50-70% OFF RRP

HiViz Vest (Logo Covered)

our price 50-70% OFF RRP

Hiviz Vest logo covered.jpg
New Masters jkt&vest green&yellow.jpg

New Masters Jacket & Vest Combination (Green & Yellow) $75

New DNC  Jacket & Vest Combination (Green & Yellow) $75

New DNC jkt&vest green&yellow.jpg
New Bisley            jkt & Vest.jpg

New Bisley Jacket & Vest Combination $75

New Bisley 5 in 1.jpg

New Bisley 5 in 1 Combination $90

4 in 1 Bisley Hiviz logo covered.jpg

New Bisley 4 in 1 Combination $75

New Tuffwear Cotton Hiviz jkt.jpg

New Tuffwear Cotton HivViz Jacket $45

New Hiviz Primemover Bomber Jkt.jpg

New HiViz Primemover Bomber Jacket $45

New Extreme Ranger Hiviz Jacket.jpg

New Extreme Ranger HiViz Jacket $45

New Agmer Bluey Jacket.jpg

New Agmer Bluey Jacket $70

New Agmer Drywear Bluey Jacket.jpg

New Agmer Drywear Bluey Jacket $70

New Dienne Winter Parka Vest.jpg

New Dienne Winter Parka Vest $20

New Winter Jacket.jpg

New Winter Jacket Red/Navy $30

New Bisley Hiviz Jacket.jpg

New Bisley Hiviz Jacket $60

New Bisley Yellow Rain Jkt.jpg

New Bisley Yellow Rain Jacket $35

Bisley Hiviz Rain Jacket.jpg

Bisley Hiviz Rain Jacket $35

New Evertuff Hiviz Jacket.jpg

New Evertuff Hiviz Jacket $45

New Hard Yakka Hiviz Jkt.jpg

New Hard Yakka Hiviz Jacket $45

New DNC hiviz jacket padded.jpg

New DNC HiViz  Padded Jacket $55

New DNC Hiviz padded Jkt.jpg

New DNC HiViz  Padded Jacket (Orange) $55

New DNC hiviz jacket padded.jpg

New DNC HiViz  Padded Jacket  (Yellow) $55

New DNC Bomber jkt Yellow & green.jpg

New DNC Bomber  Jacket (Yellow & Green) $45

New Hiviz Masters Wool Bluey Jkt.jpg

New HiViz Masters Wool Bluey Jacket $75

New Brahma Flying Jacket.jpg

New Brahma Flying Jacket $35

New Masters Hiviz Windcheater.jpg

New Masters HiViz Windcheater $25

New Masters Hiviz Rain Jkt.jpg

New Masters HiViz Rain Jacket $35

New Masters Daynight Yellow&Green Hiviz

New Masters Daynight Yellow & Green HiViz Flying Jacket $35

New Hiviz Brahma Orange Summit Jkt.jpg

New HiViz Brahma Orange Summit Jacket $55

New Brahma Jubilee Cotton Jkt.jpg

New Brahma Jubilee Cotton Jacket $65

New Brahma Summit Bluey Jkt.jpg

New Brahma Summit Bluey Jacket $50

New Brahma Yellow Hiviz Summit Jkt.jpg

New Brahma Yellow Hiviz Summit Jacket $55

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High Quality, Low Price Hi Viz Work Jackets & Vests

At Hi Viz Biz, we offer seconds Jackets, vests, and combinations at 50-70% less than RRP. Unlike, other work jackets that are a bit on the dear side, our jackets are very affordable. In spite of being recycled, we do not compromise on quality.

Why Wear Hi Viz Jackets At Work?

Hi Viz jackets are becoming a legal requirement in many industries for various reasons -

  • These jackets make you visible to vehicles from a distance

  • Prevents workplace injuries or accidents

  • Helpful in low light factories, for visibility to other employees

  • Helpful for employees working in chemical industries to avoid direct exposure to harmful liquids.

Benefits of Hi Viz Biz Work Jackets

Our work jackets have an advantage over other brands' because

  • We provide both new and recycled jackets.

  • We have a wide range of colors and styles.

  • We provide attractive deals.

  • They are widely used to work against different weather conditions.

  • They can be customized as per your needs.

  • We use reflective taps to hide brand logos, so you can wear them in your workplace.

  • We can also get names or logos embroidered for you.