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Get to work in Hi Viz Pants. These durable, high-visibility pants for work help you reach a great performance level.

Hi Viz Biz offers a variety of recycled pants, jeans, cargos, and shorts at affordable prices in Perth.

Evertuff Hiviz Pants.jpg

Evertuff HiViz Pants $30

Workforce Hiviz Pants.jpg

Workforce HiViz Pants $30

Masters Hiviz Pants.jpg

Masters HiViz Pants $30

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DNC Hiviz pants.jpg

DNC HiViz Pants $30

Riggers Hiviz Jeans.jpg

Riggers HiViz Jeans $30

Hard Yakka Jeans.jpg

Hard Yakka Jeans $30

King Gee Navy Cargo Pants.jpg

King Gee Navy Cargo Pants $30

Hard Yakka Hiviz Jeans.jpg

Hard Yakka HiViz Jeans $30

Extreme Navy Workpants.jpg

Extreme Navy Workpants $8 (Limited time special!)

Bisley Roughrider Hiviz Jeans.jpg

Bisley Roughrider HiViz Jeans $30

Brahma Cargo Shorts.jpg

Brahma Cargo Shorts $15

Bisley Cargo Shorts.jpg

Bisley Cargo Shorts $20

Bisley Orange Hiviz pants.jpg

Bisley Orange HiViz Pants $20

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Why Wear Hi Viz Pants For Work?

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Hi Viz pants are the base clothing layer worn by employees. These are considered comfortable and safe while working because -

  • The quick-drying fabric prevents the moisture and thus no skin rashes

  • The waterproof pants prevent on-field employees from getting all soaked up in unexpected rains.

  • These are more comfortable than jeans or regular trousers and boost employees performance.

The reflective tapes make the worker visible from a safe distance and prevent road accidents

Complete Hi Viz Clothing Range

By pairing up Hi Viz Biz pants with shirts, jackets, vests, & more clothing options available with us, you can serve the purpose even better.


  • Hi Viz Shirts: choose from different shirts, t-shirts, and polo t-shirts to pair up with hi viz pants.

  • Hi Viz Jackets: add an extra protective layer with hi viz jackets, vests, and combinations.

  • Hi Viz Coveralls: you can opt only for hi viz coveralls if you want to avoid the hassle of pairing up. Our coveralls come in different colours.

  • Hi Viz Boots: complete your hi viz work attire with our comfortable boots available in various sizes.

  • Hi Viz Gloves: protect your hands with recycled, durable gloves at affordable prices.


Keep checking the space for what’s new.

  • Who can buy Hi Viz workwear from you?
    Hi Viz sells PPE clothing to retailers and wholesalers. We have new and second-hand PPE clothes, perfect for work wear. A recommended option for those who want cheap PPE workwear without compromising on the quality. Our collection includes shirts, jackets, gloves, coveralls, & more for industry employees.
  • How is your Hi Viz clothing eco-friendly?
    With Covid-19, PPE clothing demand has risen. When these PPE kits are disposed of they can pose a threat to the environment because of the material they are made of. So, we recycle the PPE kits at Hi Viz Biz, Perth. That's how PPE clothes don't end up in dustbins. Our clothes are not only eco-friendly but pocket friendly too.
  • Do you outsource?
    No. We supply Hi Viz clothing from our warehouse located on 3/11, Kalmia Road, Bibra Lake, Perth. We are available: Monday-Thursday 9 am-3 pm, Saturday 11 am-12 pm. Available on-call for scheduling appointments on Sundays.
  • What sizes do you have in PPE kits?
    Our PPE kits come in almost all standard sizes. In case, you are looking for a specific size, call us and we will get it tailor-made for you.
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