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Hi Viz work wear shirts are visible from a far distance. Its vibrant colour and reflective tapes reflect light. These shirts protect from accidents and injuries.

HiViz Shirts, Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve and Polos at a fraction of RRP!


Shirts $30

Mica orange & Navy Hiviz.jpg

Kings Shirts $20

Hiviz short sleeve polo.jpg

Brahma Short Sleeve Polo $15-20

Brahma long sleeve polo.jpg

Brahma Long Sleeve Polo $15

DNC Green & Navy long sleeve polo.jpg

DNC Green & Navy Long Sleeve Polo $15

Boronia Green & Navy short sleeve polo.j

Boronia Green & Navy Short Sleeve Polo $15

Aussie Pacific Orange polo.jpg

Aussie Pacific Orange Polo $15

Jonsson Blue Chambray Workshirt.jpg

Jonsson Blue Chambray Workshirt $15

Riggers Orange Hiviz.jpg

Riggers Orange HiViz $30

Workit yellow& Navy Hiviz.jpg

Workit Yellow & Navy HiViz $30

Workforce with logo covered.jpg

Workforce (Logo Covered) $15

Primemover with logo covered.jpg

Primemover (Logo Covered) $15

XAX Design Gloflash FR Logo covered.jpg

XAX Design Gloflash Fire Retardant (Logo Covered) $50

Bisley FR. Logo covered.jpg

Bisley Fire Retardant (Logo Covered) $50

Who Needs Hi Viz Work Shirts?

Hi Viz clothing is becoming a legal requirement in different workplaces due to safety concerns. Hi Viz shirts are used in

  • Railway industry to make the night-duty employees visible from a far distance.

  • Construction sites to protect workers from falling objects or other on-site accidents.

  • Waste management for people to identify the workers.

  • Chemical industries to protect employees from direct exposure to harmful liquids.

Hi Viz Shirts For All Weather Conditions

At Hi Viz Biz, you can get work wear shirts for all weathers;

  • Rainy - waterproof long sleeves shirts

  • Windy - durable shirts, polo t-shirts that can withstand strong heavy winds

  • Winter - woollen or insulated lining long sleeve shirts

  • Summer - short sleeve shirts or polo t-shirts


The work won’t suffer while protecting the employees.




Hi Viz Economical Work Shirts

We take pride in selling recycled Hi Viz shirts that are economical for your pocket and good the environment. Our hi viz clothing is eco-friendly. The price of our second-hand shirts and t-shirts is 70% lesser than the new clothing price.


We also accept bulk orders, so you can save some real money there.

  • Who can buy Hi Viz workwear from you?
    Hi Viz sells PPE clothing to retailers and wholesalers. We have new and second-hand PPE clothes, perfect for work wear. A recommended option for those who want cheap PPE workwear without compromising on the quality. Our collection includes shirts, jackets, gloves, coveralls, & more for industry employees.
  • How is your Hi Viz clothing eco-friendly?
    With Covid-19, PPE clothing demand has risen. When these PPE kits are disposed of they can pose a threat to the environment because of the material they are made of. So, we recycle the PPE kits at Hi Viz Biz, Perth. That's how PPE clothes don't end up in dustbins. Our clothes are not only eco-friendly but pocket friendly too.
  • Do you outsource?
    No. We supply Hi Viz clothing from our warehouse located on 3/11, Kalmia Road, Bibra Lake, Perth. We are available: Monday-Thursday 9 am-3 pm, Saturday 11 am-12 pm. Available on-call for scheduling appointments on Sundays.
  • What sizes do you have in PPE kits?
    Our PPE kits come in almost all standard sizes. In case, you are looking for a specific size, call us and we will get it tailor-made for you.
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